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Dramatic film series introduces us to the main character named Lisa Stoker. The woman is one of the most famous of the leading criminologists of the country. She devoted many years to service in law enforcement agencies, however in any way doesn't receive deserved increase. Stoker also gets along well with colleagues. Over the years of professional activity, she has repeatedly convinced employees and management that its reliability should not be doubted. However, the circumstances are such that she needs to return to a small provincial town where she was born and spent her youth. It becomes a serious obstacle on the way to its long-awaited rise on the career ladder. Lisa goes on a trip to the backyard of his past for a reason. Unfortunately, the state of health of mother of the criminalist promptly worsens just in the eyes-Alzheimer's disease from which the woman suffers, inexorably progresses. Now she needs constant care and presence of her daughter. Realizing this, Lisa has no choice and no moral right not to come. Here she will have to face her own reflexes and dig into a heap of nostalgic scraps of memories. Quite unexpectedly, the city shudders at the terrible news-a teenage girl of sixteen disappears without a trace. Trying to analyze in detail the cause-and-effect relations and to understand what happened, Stoker comes to the conclusion that this is not an accident. She was able to recall that exactly fifteen years ago, at the same time, missing her close friend...

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