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In the near future, the earth is completely enveloped by the virus of vampirism, which spreads with incredible speed, every day infecting millions of people. Confrontation terrible virus continues for several years, and the survivors are becoming fewer. People who are not affected by the virus remain safe only on the territory of military bases, the location of which is classified. Axel-a young marine who is in one of these shelters, protects the tranquility of a young girl. Her condition is deteriorating, and it's incomprehensible to others the reason is in a coma. The hero of season 2 of the series "van Halsing" understands that the patient knows nothing, and therefore is not obliged to help her. But when the base is attacked by vampires, it comes to life. The reason for the miraculous resurrection becomes immune to vampire bites. In addition, all vampires who attempt to bite the girl, suddenly all healed and become normal people. The very same young lady does not remember anything about herself except her name. The most interesting thing is that they do not really know her and at the base - there she was brought already wounded. But why only it has immunity to the terrible disease raging on the earth? Will the heroes be able to defeat the virus and find out the secret of Vanessa's origin? There are many questions, but will there be answers to them?

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