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  • Genres:
  • Fantasy
  • Thriller
  • Crime
  • Mystery
In the darkness of the night can hide any evil, even that which is not available to human consciousness. Maniacs and murderers – only a small part of the evil that lurks under the cover of night and just waiting to enjoy the suffering of another victim. Ancient demons and vampires awaken from hibernation and are embarking on another bloody witch. To become their victim is to condemn oneself to eternal suffering. But to become their friend, there options can be and more. Our main character worked as a Prosecutor all his adult life. When his younger sister was brutally beaten, he immediately went in search of someone who dared to do such an atrocity to a young girl. He soon learned that his enemy is a vampire, and very old and dangerous, but even this did not stop the guy from stalking. He soon realized that an ancient evil just plays with his naivety and youth, but during the last decisive battle manages to destroy a killer. However, soon realizes that it is better to be killed himself, because with the coming of night it woke up the evil that man have fought so hard. It turned out that he was a vampire that had no effect on his professional qualities. On the contrary, now it is safe to fight on equal terms with criminals. He can now use the unique powers, for example by drinking the victim's blood, to see her past life and the time of death, or the smell and particles of blood to find the owner of that material.

Televison show Vampire Prosecutor seasons available for download - 1,2,3

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