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This is the story of a young private detective Yun San, who together with his partner Yong GU Hyun is investigating complicated complicated cases when the police is completely powerless.One day, a young girl came to the detectives, who asked to follow her boyfriend, worrying that something was happening to him lately. A talented young man worked as a doctor, but recently resigned, besides he began to behave strangely, leaving home at night and returning in the morning with traces of blood on his clothes. To give our heroes at least some clue, the girl, following the guy, took a photo in which he meets a mysterious woman wearing a pendant on his chest in the form of the sun. Seeing the strange pendant, Yun San barely managed to contain his emotions: this was the decoration worn by his girlfriend, whom he was in love with, who died five years ago during a secret mission, when our hero was still serving in the police.Taking up the investigation of a mysterious case, wanting to know the truth about the terrible events of his past, our hero had no idea that by coincidence he will turn into a vampire, after which his life will never be the same.