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  • Genres:
  • Animation
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Far ... very far into the future. Mankind has removed a bit from the usual place of dwelling. Now, the general population is on the near-Earth space, and is located around the sun giant size Dyson sphere. However, how many years does not pass, people will always fight for a place under the sun, and to arrange strife. At this time, the main forces of the new conflict were the German Empire Dorussiya, AFA (Atlantic Federation Arous) and not equipped with the resources, but very profitable Dzhior, retaining features of a small but powerful island nation. Events follow each other at lightning speed: the first thing in the possession Dzhior in Sphere invades Dorussiya. Traders of Arus, pinning the tail, running, throwing their allies in the lurch. Invaders is assigned to all the modules in the field, but one of the most important ... ... 77 module. And why is it so special? Yes, it is just high school Sakimori where trained the best Japanese, rather dzhiorskie students, which is known to be trifled with. Only in a peaceful and quiet time Kharuto Tokisima guy from high school this soft, friendly and compliant. As soon as there comes a threat, it immediately turns into a ruthless and bloodthirsty berserker Odyssey, which can be used simultaneously, and its natural features and kibertehnicheskie device. If the rebels to the laws of the genre attach reforge spy, a local bully and school idol, the "new Nibelungs" a hundred times regret that started its "Drang nach sphere"!