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Original Title: V
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: ABC
Creators: Scott Peters,Kenneth Johnson
Language: English
Description: Sci-Fi series"Visitors" is a remake project of the same name, aired on the screens in 1983. It all starts with the fact that, once up in the morning, the residents of the twenty-nine largest cities in the world witness in the sky soar large space ships of alien origin. The intruders claim to have come to Earth in peace, and are willing to share with humanity its technological developments. Most humans believe the aliens, and happy to accept visitors. But as it turned out, the alien guests only pretending to want to help people. FBI special agent Erica Evan in the course of its investigation finds that at this stage the visitors want to penetrate into the governments of the major countries and companies. Their main goal is not only to gain control over the entire planet, but gradually to eliminate all of humanity. Eric tries to tell her about the true intentions of the aliens, but it is not easy, because they were able to win the trust and love of the people...

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