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The mini-series presented here is a precursor to a more modern project called"Visitors". In the story, on our planet quite unexpectedly arrives spaceship on Board which is more advanced in terms of technology race. In appearance they seem to be people, but their true nature is hidden behind a mask of mock complacency and responsiveness.At first, everything goes well, the aliens offer people to share technology, and in return ask for every little thing. The governments of the countries are eager to get in touch with the visitors, and when the strangers manage to penetrate the ruling tops, an open, bloody war begins. Humanity is losing, but people are able to organize underground resistance. Only with his help, perhaps, we will be able to repel the invaders and defend their right to exist.At the time of release in 1984, this series was a real breakthrough for American cinema in terms of shooting pictures on the theme of the alien invasion. Quite frightening special effects and costumes made every viewer think about what would have happened in fact, if one day a mysterious flying saucer appeared over our heads.