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  • Drama
Victor Grew always dreamed to be engaged in such business which will help them with mother to get out of poverty, only here to find something worthwhile, as though the guy didn't try so he and couldn't, and therefore decided that at the moment he is capable only of theft. At the same time, this business was quite profitable and let the guy earn a decent amount of money. But he had to understand that this can not always continue, this kind of earnings is very dangerous and not only for him, but also for all his relatives, whom he is so eager to help. So he needs to get out of illegal activities as soon as possible. one of his friends helps him to become a police officer, hoping that the guy will be able to achieve at least something and take the path of truth. But who would have thought that he would become so famous detective who so easily solves all the cases and is able to unravel even the most complicated case. This time he is waiting for no less exciting things that the guy will have to face and find the most notorious criminals who are capable of simply terrifying things. What will he do this time, what an amazing way to solve all the cases and what will he do when he gets a really difficult even for him?

Televison show V seasons available for download - 1,2,3

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