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Original Title: Unsolved Mysteries
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: NBC,CBS,Lifetime,Spike
Language: English
Description: The whole family of the hero of the fantastic Thriller Punisher season 1 download, Frank castle, died during a shootout arranged on the streets of new York by two opposing gangs. Together with loved ones he lost everything — the meaning and joy of life, the desire to continue their existence. He had only heart-breaking memories of happiness gone forever... and a thirst for revenge on those who turned his life into an incessant hell. Well, if that happens, he's ready to turn the lives of his enemies into a nightmare! He has the opportunity to avenge their lives. The man begins to prepare for his mission, confident that this will be the last thing he would do. After that, he will be able to go with peace of mind after loved ones.Frank doesn't know exactly whose bullets killed his family. But it does not matter, everyone will have to answer. The hero of the film understands how difficult and dangerous work he will have, dangerous not that he may die — his life he does not value — but fears that will not bring to the end of the affair. The memory of the lost forever, those who could live happily for many years, calls for revenge, gives him strength, patience and endurance. If the legal way to repay the criminals can not, he is ready to do it on their own. And the hour that will be the last for someone will come. Frank goes hunting, tracking down and systematically destroying members of criminal groups one by one. He is elusive and ruthless, criminals are afraid of him and call him a Punisher. Meanwhile, Frank Castle is being hunted by the FBI, agents are getting closer, and he hasn't finished his job yet.

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