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Original Title: Unsolved Mysteries
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: NBC,CBS,Lifetime,Spike
Language: English
Description: Biographical series Crown season 2 download returns the audience to the fate of the ruling Queen Elizabeth II. We are waiting for not only new details of the life of the Royal family and its entourage, but also the main political events of those years, which had a considerable impact on the heroine of the series. The actions of the second season will take the audience into the atmosphere of the middle of the last century. The beginning of the fifties. In Europe, the difficult situation, Britain, Israel and France are United in a military confrontation with Egypt, which leads to a complication of the Queen's relations with the governments of other States. This opposition will affect the interests of major States, including the USSR and the United States, which could cause the Third world war.At the same time there are changes in the family life of the Royal couple. Elizabeth's marriage to Philip was not so happy, but the couple managed to come to a General agreement on the most important issues. Two more sons appear in the Royal family. Completed the second season highlighting the true causes of events, later called the Case Profumo". The Queen had to fire Prime Minister Harold McMillan and almost all of his entourage after disclosing some details of the private life of the Minister of war.

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