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Today, hip-hop is one of the most famous musical directions, which is very popular among young people. But not everyone knows exactly who subculture owes this recognition. A significant role in this was played by American rap artists Tupac Shakur and biggie Smalls, who died in the 90s of the last century. Each of them brought to rap something different: an unusual approach, manner of reading or style of clothing. In fact, these two people have formed a full-fledged subculture. Detective series "Unsolved case" partially affects their biographies-we have to get acquainted with the results of two conducted with a difference of 10 years of investigations devoted to the search for the murderers of musicians. The first led detective Russell Paul, who failed to get to the truth in 1997. The second investigation will unfold before our eyes in 2006, and responsible for it will be police Greg Carding, who was instructed by the authorities to resume the search for people involved in the death of Smalls and Shakur. It is noteworthy that in the series a lot of so-called flashbacks, so that the viewer is not only fully imbued with the atmosphere of the story, but also learns interesting details about the two legendary rappers.