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The German children's series Our Sandman (also briefly referred to simply Sandmann) produced since 1959, and broadcast. The sequence of each episode follows the same scheme. The Sandman comes on a cloud, or other vehicle (such as a locomotive, a fishing boat, a reindeer, a Spreewald boat, seaplane, a bus or a hot air balloon) in young children and tells them a bedtime story. Here, the Sandman mostly kidnapped in fantastic worlds and foreign cultures. In his travels, it encountered very many people and meets at least as many animals. Even to outer space, the Sandman has already come under his adventurous activities. Once the bedtime story and the evening greeting are over, the Sandman scatters the children present sleep sand in their eyes to dismiss in pleasant dreams.    Main character of our Sandman    As it is already taking the title in advance, the Sandman plays the most important role in the children's program. The Sandman is already traveled a lot in the world, every continent has visited and knows accordingly well in world history. With his bedtime stories it wants to tell the children of this earth of all its exciting adventures and thus send simultaneously with beautiful dreams to sleep. The Sandman has a white beard, always wears a cap and is not particularly large.    Background information on our Sandman    Our Sandman celebrated on November 22, 1959 at the German television radio (DFF) its premiere in the GDR. At the same time the sandmannchen aired as a counterpart in West Germany. Until 1989, the two programs were running as separate formats, until they were united after the turn. Since 1990, only the Ostsandmännchen and will continue to broadcast under the title Our Sandman on television.    On the occasion of the 50th anniversary Sandman a corresponding feature film came in 2009 in the cinemas. This is titled The Sandman - Adventures in Dreamland and oriented to the DFF template. In addition, the German DDR drama Good Bye, Lenin! see original recordings of Sandman sequence in which the dolls wedding Sandman is shown in space.    The Sandman song was written by the composer Wolfgang Richter. Walter Krumbach wrote the lyrics and shared this - an anecdote - Wolfgang Richter for an urgent phone call with because the song had to be completed as soon as possible due to acute lack of time. Although the final result was the responsible too complex for a children's program, managed the current version (originally only a temporary solution) in the final mission and, meanwhile, has reached cult status. (MH)

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