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The German family series Unser Charly, which aired from 1995 to 2012 on ZDF, revolves around the eponymous chimpanzee. The individual episodes tell of the life of the family of veterinarian Dr. Philip Martin (Ralph Schicha). Which runs an animal practice in Berlin, where he and his wife Michaela (Karin Kienzer) and his two children, Oliver (Mike Zobrys) and Sandra (Friederike Moeller), lives. Tragically, Philip dies in an accident in Bavaria died, leaving his wife the entire practice. Michaela learns over time the veterinarian Dr. Max Henning (Ralf Linder man), who takes up the succession of Philip. The longer he leads the practice, the closer he come and Michaela. In the end, they fall in love and get married even. Max brings beyond his 20-year-old daughter Andrea (Farina Jansen) into the family that plays a central role in the further course of the series - not to mention Charly, the clad chimpanzees.    Our main characters of Charly    Charly is a chimpanzee. He is to be sold by a gang of animal dealers as contraband, but can escape his tormentors. He then ends up in the family of Dr. where he is warmly welcomed and given the name Charly Martin.    Philip Martin (Ralph Schicha) is a veterinarian by profession and lives with his family in Berlin, where he runs his own practice. He is married to Michaela and gave me her two children: Oliver and Sandra. The only thing that Philip loves more than animals, is his family.    Michaela Martin (Karin Kienzer) is the wife of Philip and the mother of Sandra and Oliver. After her husband died in a devastating accident in Bavaria died, she took over the practice. Later, she falls in love with Max, who takes over as vet the work of Philip.    Oliver Martin (Mike Zobrys) is the son of Philip and Michaela and the brother of Sandra. At the beginning of the action he is still at school and makes his high school diploma. Later, Oliver is preoccupied with his studies and tears as a student much of the world.    Sandra Martin (Friederike Moeller) is the daughter of Philip and Michaela and the sister of Oliver. Together with her brother she visited first a school in Berlin. Later she chooses also to begin a study.    Max Henning (Ralf Linder man) is a veterinarian and takes over after the death of Philip practice. As part of his work he meets Michaela closer and the two fall in love until they marry. Max has a daughter named Andrea.    Andrea Youngest (Farina Jansen) is the daughter of Max and 20 years old. After her father adopted the practice of Philip and Michaela married, she will also be included in the family of Charly.    Background information on Unser Charly    Our Charly ran from 1995 to 2012 on ZDF. Overall, within the 16 emitted scales of 221 episodes were produced with an average duration of 45 minutes. The premiere of the family series took place on 27 December 1995th The finale followed on June 9, 2012. The main reason for the dismissal of Unser Charly was increasing criticism regarding the handling of animals in the TV format. So criticized, among others, the German Animal Welfare Association that Phoenix film does not adequately care for the welfare of the animals after the shooting is completed. , The problem here is that young animals are early isolated in nature and can only be difficult to integrate into a group of like-minded later. It was also accused of the ZDF to miss their own educational mission of those deficiencies. Finally, transmitter announced after the protest calls were steadily louder that Charly Our is discontinued after the 16th season. (MH)