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Started in the last part of the depression Andy leads to the fact that he again settles in the basement of the house sister Sam. Bruce is not very happy with the neighborhood, but he tries not to make it clear to the guest, especially since he has not yet had time to finally settle in. However, after moving the morale of the main character of the Comedy season 3 of the series "Uncle" is almost not improving. Now he is haunted by nightmares about the baby, which he may never see, because he broke up with Theresa, knowing that managed to "knock her up" Errol can not accept Bruce and tries to convince the mother that she made the wrong choice, because of what Sam's head is spinning. Bruce begins to make hints that he would like to have a child together. Having learned about it, Andy would definitely try to dissuade his sister, but now (as, in fact, always) he is full of his own problems - the guy has the opportunity to self-actualize in music, but for this he must sacrifice the connection with the future child. To understand what choice would be right, he turns to his nephew for help, convincing him that the point over the "i" will be able to place self-knowledge. Together, Errol and Andy are trying to resort to meditation to understand whether the hero can be a good father...

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