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Joe Griffin works as an ordinary conductor on the railway and has long been unsuccessfully trying to get a hang on the service. Now he is forced to replace his colleague on the next flight. The hero goes overtime and realizes that in front of him waiting for a boring road on the familiar route. Joe could not imagine that in fact, this working day will not be like all the previous ones, because he and other people on the train will face something that no one was ready for.On the way there is a small breakdown, and the train stops somewhere in the middle of a dark forest. All is darkness, and people are quite invisible. The situation, though not the most pleasant, but quite standard, so no one panics, and everyone is waiting for the train to go again. People who are tired of sitting in cars, go outside to get some fresh air, and hear in the dark a terrible inhuman howl. Some are frightened, and others wonder where these sounds come from. It soon becomes clear that darkness lives something horrible and people start to attack a very strong and ruthless creature like a werewolf. Will Joe be able to organize passengers, fend off a monster attack and survive until the morning?