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Once upon a time the main character of the series to make major choices in their lives. She - she is an unusual and very wealthy, as the daughter of one of the most influential people in the city. Her father - the head of a mafia clan, which does business in her hometown. But the heroine has not thought about his father's business, and about his personal life and the future. She chose a bride and stopped the choice on a young guy by the name of Li Tang, who has always been sympathetic to her. The main character had no doubt that with this young man, she still goes. However, it was in high school and the other boy, who claimed the title of the groom, but was a complete jerk. Chubby boy named Brian often the target of ridicule for the main character, who did not see in it a young man. Beautiful and young girl chose Lee Tan. However, time has shown that this young man is not who he claims to be. He decided to choose university studies instead of family life. Meanwhile, the same Brian continued to believe that he could make the main character of the heart. He became a totally different man: thin and succeed in their careers. Now he is - a real ambitious boss, first at the Faculty of handsome!