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Original Title: Two and a Half Men
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: CBS
Creators: Lee Aronsohn,Chuck Lorre
Language: English
Description: To date, produced a huge amount of serial product, ready to satisfy the tastes of even the most discerning lover of such delights. And the more gratifying that among them there are creations that can be reviewed indefinitely-and each time to find something new! Such masterpieces include "Two and a half people". At the very beginning, the audience is invited to get acquainted with Charlie – easy, charming from all sides man, handsome and a fan of female charms. All the pleasures of wealth, luxury and beauty of the mansion in Malibu-this is the picture unfolds in the first season. Bored? Routine? Yes, if the fate of his brother and nephew did not interfere in this most measured and filled with male joys life of the charming seducer. Here calm everyday life seems to dissolve in the air – and it's time to understand what a 10-year-old varmint in the house. Nedotepa-brother and his offspring move to live to a bachelor, who is absolutely not prepared for such a turn. After all, he will have to deal not only with his troubles - of course, not all "Chicks" approve of the presence of outsiders. Along the way, he is forced to take care of Allan. And the prankster also needs every minute care and attention.

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