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  • Genres:
  • Crime
  • Mystery
In one small town for a long time reigned silence and order. That's just one moment all of a sudden is not changing for the better. In the city there is a homicidal maniac who brutally murders his victims. People were in panic from the fact that the police were inactive for a long time and did not even think to protect residents from this maniac. People began to be afraid to take to the streets. But it didn't change much. Only after the daughter of one of the police officers was brutally murdered, the investigation took up the case, and the heartbroken father promised to find out who was behind all this and make him answer on his merits. for a Long time the main character was hunting for a maniac, he was sure that as soon as he finds him, he will immediately call to account. But in fact it was not so simple. Not all residents of the city knew as much as was possible of him to figure out this maniac. It turns out the city has a tunnel, which is a portal allowing you to move in time. He was interested in the maniac. There he gets and the investigator who instead of punishing the murderer of his daughter is now obliged to find a way out of this situation, only now he will be able to go back and fix everything, or is this dimension and help him in the accomplishment of justice and change the course of events?

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