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Original Title: Türkisch für Anfänger
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: ARD
Creators: Bora Dağtekin
Description: This is a very funny episode that shows the relationship between the vastly different nationality and culture of the people who decide to join their families. Lived itself is usually very quiet German family, mother Doris and her two children - Lena and Nils. But their life in a world turned upside down, and took a very wrong position, when their mother told them that marries a German police officer of Turkish origin named Metin, who has also his children, a daughter and son The Yagmur. Daughter is an orthodox way of life, prays five times a day, does not communicate with men. The son, on the contrary, considers himself the hottest macho world. And then start all the passions, when Turkish children begin to abuse Lena for her frank and very short dresses and communion, love boys. What he goes out of his quarrel with her fiancé Lena, and she in turn is trying to destroy all relations macho Chema. This series perfectly shows how wrong and mistaken decision is to combine completely different in culture and faith family.

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