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plot    For the 16 year old Lena (Josefine Preuß) everything changes at once: Until recently, it has in a three-WG with her younger brother Nils and her mother, the psychotherapist Doris (Anna Stieblich) lived (Emil Reinke). But then her mother fell suddenly in Metin (Adnan Maral), a Turkish-born policeman and also can not burn much. The result: The two families move in together.    Lena shares from now a room with her stepsister Yagmur (Pegah Ferydoni), a devout Muslim. She also has to deal with her stepbrother Cem (Elyas M'Barek). The soon falls in love she and Lena is not averse. Orphan Axel (Axel Schreiber) makes any easier the thing: He is with Lena's mother in therapy and as a classmate of Lena also in love with her, he also studied family connection.    main characters    Lena (Josefine Preuß) is stubborn, articulate, has a big ego and is generally not fallen on his head. When her family situation changes, it takes not only about stoically out but fighting for their freedoms. Especially towards her mother she has to say, as this always has as a psychotherapist apparently the best advice for life.    Cem (Elyas M'Barek) not one of the smartest minds, wearing gold chain, says in typical neuköllschen Proll dialect and has always some girl's hand. Lena offers him stand up and that makes them for him then pretty interesting. He falls in love with her and shows the course of the story more and more his soft side.    Doris (Anna Stieblich) is a typical 68s hippie Emanze that educates their children anti-authoritarian, is extremely tolerant and open. When living together is not always easy. It has no skills in housekeeping, can not cook.    Metin (Adnan Maral) is a Turkish police commissioner German than many of his German colleagues. He is punctual and orderly. At first glance, he and Doris do not really fit together. In the education of his children, he has some difficulties, because it is difficult for him to show consistent authority.    backgrounds    The three seasons of Turkish for Beginners were broadcast in Germany between 14 March 2006 and 12 December of 2008. In addition, Turkish for Beginners will be broadcast in several other countries, including Austria, France, Spain, Italy and Russia.    The first episode of the series reached 2.54 million viewers and achieved a market share of 10.1 percent. The rate did not meet the expectations of the ARD, they hoped greater success. Therefore, those responsible were planning no further season. Viewers protests that with a signature campaign culminated in April 2006, led to two more seasons. However, they remained well behind the Odds expectations of ARD. Further rates are not planned. 2012 big-screen adaptation launched Turkish for Beginners - the film in Germany.    While Turkish for Beginners with viewers so was not a great success, the TV series was nationally and internationally awarded several times. Among other things, there was the 2006 German Television Award for Best TV Series, 2007 the Adolf Grimme Award in the category "entertainment" and the Golden Nymph at the "Monte-Carlo Television Festival".    The author of the series, Bora Dagtekin, grew up in a German-Turkish parents. It draws its stories and personal family experiences.    The house where the exterior shots of the series are shot, is located in Berlin-Friedenau, in the Niedstrasse. From 1963 to 1996 here lived Gunter Grass.

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