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Great Troy was a thriving city. It stood at the intersection of many trade routes, so here flocked all the wealth of Eurasia. However, the prosperity of the city will soon come to an end. In the Royal family, a child is born, who is destined to destroy the unfortunate Trojans. The prophets and the little psychic daughter Cassandra beg the Governor to kill the cursed baby, but the crowned parents show weakness. Not believing in the fall of Troy, they decide not to take the baby's life, but knowing full well that he may be in danger, part with the boy. Spouses send a newborn son away from the capital and decide to just forget about his existence. The Trojan Prince is given to raise a poor shepherd, whom the boy considers his own father. He grows up a noble guy, far from the bustle of the city: the young Paris is interested only in simple pleasures. He likes to have fun in the company of friends and vengeance caring for the lovely peasant women, unaware of what mystery enveloped his birth and what is actually his purpose. But the evil fate still hangs over the unsuspecting hero. Fate itself leads him back to his native Troy to fulfill the gloomy prophecy of her fall.

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