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Once we hear the word trolls and for some reason all at once think about the huge and terrible creatures that destroy everything in its path. But in fact they are not. These are small lovely multi-colored beings who are never up to the end serious and always look for adventures to themselves. Among them is a very sweet girl rose, who loves shopping and parties. She is the daughter of an old Pink king, who not only became boring with age and constantly scolded the girl for the fact that she is not serious enough about everything, so also an incredible miser that prevented the baby from enjoying life. However, the girl tried not to be sad and constantly entertained. She had a lot of friends who also liked to go shopping and parties with her, and therefore the girl could easily do with them everything she wanted, the guys always had a lot of fun. After all, the baby knew that her friends are very loyal and with them you can at least party, even to the ends of the world. True here do u guys always get so carefree live, and they don't fall down any problems that could thwart their plans? Or, in fact, even trolls life is not as simple as they would like, so that parties and walks are not their only concern?