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Strange things have long been happening in Newland. The weather behaves quite unusual. Snow during the summer, it always rains, the other suffering from a drought. The residents also have not easy under the yoke of the rulers. They are robbed to the last thread does not care about how they will live on and do not die of hunger. Those who tried to resist the horsemen waiting for them a penalty and they will inevitably cut his life. To avoid this, it was almost impossible, and were associated with an ancient prophecy is directly connected with the young Prince, which is quite a strange story. there Were legends that the ruler's son was not a man, since his mother was a very strong witch and had a rather strange origin. After the birth of the boy all these cataclysms began. Now him and two other guys waiting for an unenviable fate. The whole country is worried about it, and the father of one of the guys even decided to go to a very cruel act and left his son to die in the desert. He hoped that in this way he would be able to stop the prophecy and completely change the fate of the people. However, all of the boys survived and it looks like Noolandi not escape her intended fate.

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