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The HBO series Treme is located in the oldest district of New Orleans according to their titles. This is named Treme and is also of historical significance: Almost all African-American and Creole (music) culture has its origins in the streets infamous district. However, the plot of the series does not start in the early years of urban life. Instead, choose Treme another entry point, namely three months after one of the most devastating disasters in recent US history at all: Hurricane Katrina. Accordingly, the history of the local development and the local inhabitants told. In the focus above all the local musician come. These counts also Antoine Batiste, who is his character a true virtuoso on the trombone. However, he is just one of many individuals who are at the center of the created by The Wire -creator David Simon series. In addition, Treme busy with trying to process the consequences and reconstruction of New Orleans through the various inhabitants after the disaster of 2005.    The characters of Treme    Antoine Batiste (Wendell Pierce) is a professional musician and plays the trombone. Antoine is the frontman of the band Antoine Batiste and his Soul Apostles and lives with his young daughter and their mother. He also has two sons with his ex-wife LaDonna, but which he rarely sees.    LaDonna Batiste-Williams (Khandi Alexander) has a pub in New Orleans. Her new husband tried to persuade them to move to Baton Rouge because they associate nothing with New Orleans. Baton Rouge also her two sons from Anoine Batiste live.    Antoinette 'Toni' Bernette (Melissa Leo) is a lawyer who specializes in defending people whose civil rights have been violated by the judicial system of the city. Together with LaDonna she seeks their missing brother David Maurice.    Creighton Bernette (John Goodman) is working as an English teacher at Tulane University and writes a book about the great flood on the Mississippi 1927th    Davis McAlary (Steve Zahn) works as a DJ and musician and revered the culture and people of New Orleans, which is why he always strives to draw attention to injustices.    Janette Desautel (Kim Dickens) had a wild relationship with Davis. She works as a cook and strives to pay to repair the damage that the hurricane has caused.    Background information on Treme    After The Corner, The Wire and Generation Kill is Treme is the fourth series, David Simon has created for the quality of series-Garant HBO. Accordingly, the project-monitoring as executive Produver as well as all showrunner acted. With foreground of the concept is again capturing urban life in all its social diversity. Treme touches different milieus alike as figures of all stripes and enthusiastic thanks to this multi-layered approach since its premiere on 11 April 2010 by the critics and the audience. Not least, the series has been nominated for several awards - including the Emmy and the Grammy.

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