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If the animals happen to some trouble, their faithful comrades immediately rush to the rescue. Of course the guys at first could not even imagine that in the backyard can happen so many amazing things. But when they became friends with all the animals and insects that live there, they realized that they too can have a lot of problems that they face every day. And sometimes it comes to the fact that the heroes have to take up the investigation in order to help their comrades. As for example, the case when suddenly all the caterpillars disappear from the garden, which makes everyone very worried. and this time the guys have to take on a difficult task and if they do not cope with it in time, their friends will be quite difficult and hard. Because the characters are going to do everything in order to help the needy, and not to leave them in the lurch. They understand that any delay can be very costly for everyone. But can the guys really cope with all the difficulties that lie ahead and save their comrades? Or the puzzles will be so difficult for the guys that they will not be able to help the animals in trouble, who rely on them so much?