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Each of the series of this criminal Thriller is filled with events and active actions that will take viewers to the country of fjords and magnificent winter landscapes of Northern Iceland. Local residents will not be surprised by the strong cold and harsh climate, constantly raging blizzards and snowstorms. However, the beginning of the series was marked by unprecedented strength in a snow storm. Such a natural cataclysm has not been seen in these parts, even the old-timers. Naturally, many are frightened. Their fears are justified. It's only a couple of hours, and the roads have grown impassable snowdrifts. They literally cut off a small town from the world, leaving it in complete isolation. the Horror of the townspeople is reinforced by a terrible discovery not far from one of the bays - fjords. Shortly before the storm began, the body of a young man was discovered. He was badly tortured, literally beyond recognition. The killer wasn't caught. It turns out that now, when the whole town was in a snow trap, the offender remained here. Help from the outside can not be expected, so the local servants of the law will have to figure out the case on their own. But where to start if there's no evidence and no leads. And the storm intensifies more and more, pinching people into its ice trap.