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The events of the first season told the audience about the terrible incident - a huge spaceship that played the role of a capacious prison for the most dangerous Decepticons collapsed on the planet. Then the main character of the animated series "transformers: robots under cover" had to urgently convene a new team. Given the lack of time, especially to choose the Bumblebee could not, because any delay could have a negative impact on the overall situation. The squad entered reparativnyh minikon Fixes, elite guard cadet, StrongARM, selfish and rowdy Dino-bot Grimlock Autobot Sidcup. Together with Bumblebee they began to hunt for fugitives, gradually returning to prison each of the criminals. The season finale ended with the victory of the heroes of the us Megatronuser and his minions, after which they returned to Cybertron. So same by the end of series of it turned out, that Optimus Prime and Windblade will remain in team chief hero and in the future. The events of the new season take us a few weeks ahead. We see Bumblebee splitting his squad in two, separating the Autobots from the rest of the fighters. The reason for this was a new rescue operation, which the characters must perform. Each of the two teams will face a lot of difficulties, and in the end they will be ambushed by Decepticons led by the old enemy Bumblebee.