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The final season of the exciting animated television series, which tells about the confrontation of huge machines, was a real surprise for millions of fans. The events of the third season of the animated series "transformers Prime" unfold with the participation of new characters. There is a mysterious Shockwave, who replaced Starscream, who ceased to be Megatron's chief assistant. But the robot, created by Shockwave, opposes its Creator-he leads a detachment of Autobots and begins to cooperate with people. Together they are trying to destroy Darkmount, which is a strategic point for the Decepticons. Their first battle is going very smoothly – the people and the Autobots without too much difficulty replacing the Decepticons, and captured by the army of the allies artifacts help to revive Optimus Prime, who once again becomes the head of the army of his associates. But this is not the end, because part of the Decepticons managed to escape and now wants revenge…

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