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Original Title: Trailer Park Boys
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: Showcase,Netflix
Creators: Mike Clattenburg
Language: English
Description: The main characters are cronies from the provincial trailer Park, who regularly get into trouble. They think about how to stop breaking the law, but even after "serving time" back to crime. For their violations, each of the characters of the series "the guys from the trailer Park" has already visited the prison, but the prospects again there to be they do not care. In the beginning of the 1st season, Julian and Ricky are released, having spent behind bars almost two years. First thing they do is go to Sunnyvale. There they met Bubbles – bespectacled and awkward the other guys. Friends rejoice at the reunion, but suddenly it turns out that the Park has a new owner, leading a dishonest game with the residents living in the territory belonging to him. Therefore, the trio decides to join forces to first deal with the new owner, and then return to their usual activities – growing "grass", robbing a local supermarket, car theft and violence against others!

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