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The focus of the series is one of Lt. Myron Goldman and Sergeant Clayton & # 8220; Zeke & # 8221; Anderson cited infantry unit, a train (platoon) of Bravo Company. In the company, among other whites, African Americans and Latinos serve. The problems of the US Army in the jungle war, suffering and death are presented broadly realistic dramatic and a former TV production. The series shows the chaos of the Vietnam War from the perspective of the unit described that as a rule, often victorious, can save himself from the fighting. Here are also American war crimes such as massacres of the civilian population, discussed in some episodes of the series. Other critical issues are drugs, racism, incompetent superiors, prisoner of war, military service, negative coverage of the war in the home and dealing with pacifism, and the lack of understanding of civil America for Vietnam veterans and their problematic integration into society. Instrumentation Stephen Caffrey: Lt. Myron Goldman Terence Knox Sgt Clayton Ezekial & # 8220; Zeke & # 8221;. Anderson Tony Becker: Daniel & # 8220; Danny & # 8221; Purcell Ramón Franco Alberto Ruiz Miguel A. Núñez Jr .: Marcus Taylor Kim Delaney Alex Devlin Steve Akahoshi: Randy & # 8220; Doc & # 8221; Matsuda Betsy Brantley: Dr. Jennifer Seymour Richard Brestoff Darling Eric Bruskotter: Scott Baker Kyle Chandler: William Griner Michael B. Christy Duncan Kevin Conroy: Rusty Wallace John Dye: Francis & # 8220; Doc Hoc & # 8221; Hockenbury Stan Foster: Marvin Johnson Dan Gauthier: John McKay Patrick Kilpatrick: CIA Agent Duke Fontaine Lee Majors: Thomas & # 8220; Pop & # 8221; Scarlett Joshua D. Maurer: Roger Horn Maria Mayenzet: Sister Bernadette Alan Scarfe: Stringer Peter Vogt: Elliot Carl Weathers: Brewster Season 1 The Vietnam War is in full swing: After Tonkin incident, the US engage bomber units and over 500,000 soldiers North Vietnam including the Bravo Company, which at the advanced base & # 8220; Firebase Ladybird & # 8221; is stationed. The company proceeds to fight patrols in the jungle and is repeatedly involved in fights. Again and again the Bravo Company will incur losses, with deaths affect only supporting roles. No. Title German title 1-01 time of forgotten heroes Tour of Duty 1-02 Stories from the Underground Notes from the Underground 1-03 insubordination Dislocations 1-04 War Lover War Lover 1-05 The ambush Sitting Ducks 1-06 The Skin blood Burn, Baby, Burn 1-07 life without chance Brothers, Fathers, and Sons 1-08 battle for the transmitting station the Good, the Bad, and the Dead 1-09 missing but not abandoned Battling Baker Brothers 1-10 the shackles of guilt No Where to Run 1-11 Caught Roadrunner 1-12 consequences of war reporting Pushin & # 8217; Too Hard 1-13 Crashed USO Down 1-14 Buried Alive Under Siege 1-15 furlough Soldiers 1-16 The march in the dark Gray-Brown Odyssey 1-17 The enemy within the ranks Blood Brothers 1-18 Once a soldier, always a soldier the Short timers 1-19 Corsican gold Paradise Lost 1-20 the angels of mercy Angel of mercy 1-21 the Hill the Hill Season 2 After the base Ladybird was overrun by the enemy, the Bravo Company on the basis Than Son Nhut is at the gates of Saigon laid. In the second season, the show is a few main characters as the helicopter pilot Lt. Johny MacKey (Dan Gauthier), the journalist Alex Devlin (Kim Delaney) and the psychiatrist Jennifer Seymour (Betsy Brantley) expanded. While Goldman and MacKey vie for the attention of Alex, it's Sgt. Anderson with Jennifer easier. . No German title Original title 2-01 machinations & # 8211; Part 1 Saigon, part one 2-02 wheeling & # 8211; Part 2 Saigon, part two 2-03 Delta Unit For What It & # 8217; s Worth 2-04 Corporal Martsen True Grit 2-05 Everything only appearance Non-Essential Personnel 2-06 Hunting Sleeping Dogs 2-07 night Cholon I Wish It Would Rain 2-08 Dangerous alone Popular Forces 2-09 Wounded Terms of Enlistment 2-10 The spy Nightmare 2-11 The promised land promised land 2-12 The Boxer Lonesome Cowboy Blues 2-13 Late knowledge Sins of the Fathers 2-14 assumes all just a cover Sealed with a Kiss 2-15 Bloody strip Hard stripe 2-16 love on the front the Volunteer Season 3 In the third season the Bravo Company is the special unit MACV-SOG and covert classified operations in Cambodia. The series ends with the 21st episode of this season, which focuses on how hard it is for the Vietnam returnees, home to lead a middle-class life in the United States again. No. Title German title 3-01 in the hands of the Vietcong The Luck 3-02 One remains Doc Hock 3-03 Anderson's new finding The Ties that Bind 3-04 Mighty and alone Lonely at the Top 3-05 The Monkey Doctor A Bodyguard of Lies 3-06 A logical consequence A Necessary End 3-07 Feel the love Cloud Nine 3-08 The Ho Chi Minh trail Thanks for the Memories 3-09 I am as I am I am what I am 3-10 free fall World in Changes 3-11 Vietnam, Christmas 1968 Green Christmas 3-12 The kidnapped princess Odd Man Out 3-13 The test And Make Death Proud to Take Us 3-14 a medal for a dead dead Man Tales 3-15 The prisoner transport the Road to Long Binh 3-16 missing Acceptable lot 3-17 scenes of horror Vietnam Rag 3-18 the investigation War Is a Contact Sport 3-19 the massacre at Phu An Three Cheers for the Orange, White and Blue 3-20 the liberation the Raid 3-21 returnees Payback trailer Intro—354