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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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The plot of Top of the Lake is located in the midst of New Zealand lonely landscapes. Where lakes are lined up at the mountains and meet forests and plains one day appears the twelve-year-old Tui Mitcham. She is pregnant but has no idea where the child is in her stomach, which causes unrest among the inhabitants of the land. However, before any questions are asked, the young girl is already gone. Then takes over the inexperienced police officer Robin Griffin, who happens dropped in on that day in their home town Laketop, the mysterious case. They will not only face grim secrets, but also has to face the demons of her past.    Main Characters from Top of the Lake    Robin Griffin (Elisabeth Moss) is an inexperienced police officer. Driven by ambition takes yet the exciting event of Tui Mitcham on - even if it has no idea at the beginning of their investigation, the consequences of this ambitious decision entails.    Tui Mitcham (Jacqueline Joe) is twelve years old and still goes to school. After she was utterly alone found in the lake near Lake Town, notes a nurse that she is pregnant. However, neither explain nor Tui someone else, how did the pregnancy.    Matt Mitcham (Peter Mullan) is his character not only Tuis father but also an important man in the village. Together with his two sons Mark (Jay Ryan) and Luke (Kip Chapman) regulation is happening in Laketown and has - at least in his eyes - everything under control.    Al Parker (David Wenham) was supposed to be in his work as a police investigator on the side of Robin. However, he tells us early on that he shuffles the cards rather for Mitcham and thus quickly became the shady character in Laketown.    GJ (Holly Hunter) leads a camp near the eponymous lake in the series, which deals specifically with women who have a traumatic blow behind. It teaches a lot about spiritual redemption, enlightenment and preach from the detachment of human or earthly torment.    Jew Griffin (Robyn Nevin) is Robin's mother and lives in the investigation. Your nasty disease served as the original motivation for the short stay of her daughter in Laketown. Both maintain each other a complicated relationship.    Background & about Top of the Lake    As Top of the Lake at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013 its premiere, the first season consists of six episodes each having a run length of 60 minutes. For later TV broadcast an additional interface version has been drafted, which includes a total of seven episodes of 45 minutes. Four years later, the second season with the addition of Title China Girl was at the Cannes Film Festival. For new roles, among others, with Nicole Kidman, Gwendoline Christie, Alice Englert, David Dencik and Ewen Leslie were occupied. (MH)

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