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When Anna managed to escape from her native backwoods, she was really happy. The heroine of the series "Too close to home" managed not just to move to Washington, but also built a political career there. And being close to the powerful of this world is much more pleasant than living in a small trailer Park with a crazy family. At the beginning of the last part she had to quit her job and return home – the girl was involved in a major scandal, and even with the participation of the President. Hoping that the house will she be able to escape from the pursuing its politicians, Anna and couldn't imagine how much wrong. By the beginning of season 2 she's still not able to deal with problems, which greatly complicates its existence. Influential people from Washington are still trying to find her. Among other things, the heroine is forced to solve the problems of her sister, a drug addict, and the heroine herself has many difficulties in her native town. In the first episode of the new season comes a series of catastrophic events that provoke the emergence of new challenges for Anna and her family. In the first episodes at gunpoint are the secrets of rebel-fifteen daughter of the main character, who constantly gets into trouble because of his stupid character!

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