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When togetherness is a sitcom made by HBO. The plot revolves around two friendly couples who are confronted with the fact henceforth to live together under one roof. Although the friendly coexistence sounds first after an excellent idea, everyone involved quickly reach their limits. It seems almost impossible to realize their own desires and dreams, if you always even depend on them to other care needs, and in the worst case. Moreover, it falls Michelle Pierson (Melanie Lynskey), Brett Pierson (Mark Duplass), Tina Morris (Amanda Peet) and Alex Pappas (Steve Zissis) difficult to maintain their relationship with each other to ensure a dynamic and peaceful life. Not least, the marriage between Michelle and Brett threatens to break, which is especially engaged her two children.    Main characters of togetherness    Michelle Pierson (Melanie Lynskey) is the wife of board and a good-hearted person who always tries to see the best in its environment. Michelle is currently no work after, but has dedicated to the education of children. Secretly, she wants more self-fulfillment. In truth, however, it has to admit that even their marriage slowly basis.    Brett Pierson (Mark Duplass) is the husband of Michelle and lives with her in a nice apartment in Los Angeles. However, as Tina pulls friend of Houston in the City of Angels, Board sees the family peace in danger. Nevertheless, he tried to deal skillfully with the unexpected situation - but quickly reaches the limits of his personal tolerance.    Tina Morris (Amanda Peet) is the sister of Michelle and tirelessly highly motivated personality. Tina is extremely extrovert and loves thus to be the focus. She is also a wise head, which can be done by any man slightly ahead. Obnoxious Tina is only when they can not control their tendency to celebrated glee.    Alex Pappas (Steve Zissis) is the best friend of Tina and comes with her to Los Angeles. Accordingly, he also asks the house to Pierson accommodation. Alex is devastated, his life no longer makes sense and almost he would have become homeless. No wonder he falls Michelle and Brett just to load and become a ticking time bomb.    Background information on togetherness    Togetherness is a single-camera format. Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass have developed the sitcom for HBO and act beyond as writers and producers. The first season celebrated on January 11, 2015 its premiere on HBO and includes eight episodes. These in turn have a run length of approximately 30 minutes. (MH)

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