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Four friends waiting for a fascinating journey through time. But it all started with a simple attempt to create a group. But the guys didn't believe that they have something, and therefore chose to constantly do something not related to music and rehearsals. And once they found out that in one of the old buildings there is a time machine disguised as an Elevator. Of course, they could not give up the amazing idea to go on a trip and see what it really is capable of. The man who told them about the car gave only a few important instructions, and then quickly left the place. the Guys did not expect that they would go as much as a hundred years ago. Only for them this time was not very favorable, because they are all African Americans. Until the Declaration of equality is still very far away and all that can now do these guys, so pretend to be a jazz band that came on tour. People treat them differently, so the guys find new friends, find enemies and constantly get into a variety of troubles, which are very fun to end. But they should not forget that it would not be bad and fix the time machine to return home. What is waiting for the guys and are they ready for all the tests that fall on them?

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