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Conor is only fifteen, but his mother is sure that the guy is already able to earn extra money and help her. She worked in the market and sold fish, and therefore decided that he would be able to help her there. But the guy had very little use, as he was not able to perform even basic things. And when the woman put it to trade instead of himself, he began to tell everyone that this stuff he doesn't eat, but because people did not take the fish and the guy with the mother remained in the red, which was not at all happy and the guy is very much received from his mother. Although it to change anything not even thought of. Very soon he meets a guy who trades in Bicycle theft. He surprisingly managed to constantly evade the investigation and at the same time he pleased everyone with his jokes, which helped to relate to life easier. One day he learns about a huge consignment of drugs, and therefore begins to tell in colors that if they find at least one package, they will be able to get rich. He was confident, that Connor will go with him on this deal, but guy was not am confident, that indeed ready on this, then after all their's going to jail, but fellow manages his convince in utterly friend and soon begin their adventures.

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