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The action begins with how Kevin, his best friend Paul and Winnie come in 1968 to the junior high school. The old Kevin told in retrospect, that - like many other schools this year - his was renamed the Robert F. Kennedy High School. In the pilot episode Winnie's older brother was killed in action in Vietnam. Kevin learns Winnie in a wooded area near where they kiss for the first time. The relationship between the two falls asleep for a while, because Winnie's dating an older boy. Kevin is advocated for a short time with Becky Slater. After Kevin separates from Becky because of his feelings for Winnie, Becky is for a long time Nervernsäge for Kevin. Winnie finally separates also Kirk, and Kevin and Winnie kiss for the second time in the summer holidays of 1969. In the period around Valentine's Day 1970 Winnie is temporarily out with Paul, who has made with his girlfriend Carla circuit. Shortly after Winnie and Kevin go out together.    Just before the summer holidays draw Winnie and her family in a house four miles distant, so it changes to a different school. Kevin and they decide to lead a "long distance relationship". A beautiful new girl named Madeline Adams changes to Kevin's school; Kevin keeps an eye on them, but it is Winnie, which ended the relationship for a student to their new school. Both relationships do not last long, but Winnie and Kevin do not come together again until Winnie injured in a car accident. After junior high switch Kevin and Winnie the McKinley High.    Kevin from the summer of 1971 several short love affairs. After his grandfather lose his driver's license, this sold his car for a dollar to Kevin. Paul also changes to the McKinley High, because his father is in financial trouble. Winnie and Kevin get back together after they go as a double date to the prom, but find each other attractive than their companions. In late 1972 Kevin's older brother Wayne, starts working at NORCOM. He walks with a colleague from, but the relationship does not last long. Kevin's father announces at NORCOM and founded a furniture factory.    The series played in America in the sixties and dedicated above all the everyday problems of adolescent Kevin Arnold. The series draws on popular neither socially critical issues such as the Vietnam War, yet it will fix itself to be continuous fun. The main focus is on the rewriting of the problems of the individual characters and their interaction.    main characters    Fred Savage as the main character Kevin Arnold    Kevin Arnold is a normal teenager who has to deal with the normal problems of everyday life. His best friend is Paul Joshua Pfeiffer. The two have known each other all their lives. His best friend is called Winnie Cooper and lives in the same street as him. In the series, their friendship is strained again.    Dan Lauria as Jack Arnold, Kevin's father    Jack Arnold is a slightly grim veteran of the Korean War. On photos you can see him in the uniform of a first lieutenant.    He works at Nordom, a large electrical company in a higher position. Later in the series he has his eignenen operation and sold homemade furniture.    His character is a reflectance of the older and conservative generation of the Second World War. He is confused about the radical transformation of the sixties. Jack died towards the end of the series.    Alley Mills as Norma Arnold, Kevin's mother    Norma Arnold is the typical housewife and mother. She met Jack when both were still in college. When he graduated both drove across country without having finished her. Later in the series, she gets but it gradually works in a software company called Micro Electronics.    In character it is less strict than her husband. By the time they bored her marriage and she takes a liking to the idea to break it. A typical Entzwicklung of feminism in the sixties.    Olivia d'Abo as Karen Arnold, Kevin's older sister    Karen is a strong hippie. She is a regular in a row with her father because of their different attitudes to life, and her mother plays the intermediary. They fell out perfectly with her father when she and her boyfriend Michael (David Schwimmer) contracts. Later, the two married and she puts her old view in favor of child and husband.    Jason Hervey as Wayne Arnold, Kevin's older brother    Wayne enjoys Kevin and Paul to get angry. In character he is the absolute failure when it comes to the female sex. Only once he has a date in the series with a girl named Dolores. When his father dies, he takes over the furniture business.    Danica McKellar as Gwendolyn "Winnie" Cooper, Kevin's great love    Winne is Kevin Arnold's best friend and also his sighted love. Unlike him, she consistently good grades in school. The conflicts between her unde Kevin begin as Winnie is older and just wants to hang out with cooler guys in high school. The first kiss between her and Kevin in the series is a rich belang Eckpuinkt and changes the ratio of the two. Towards the end of the series died, her older brother and she plans to study art history in Paris. She returns after 8 years, although again back to the US, but against all guesses the two are not a couple to the end    Josh Saviano as Paul Joshua Pfeiffer, Kevin's best friend    Paul is the best friend of Kevin Arnold. The two have known each other nearly all their lives. Paul embodies the typical loser role. He is an excellent student, wears thick glasses, is allergic to almost everything and has regularly trouble with larger schoolmates. Paul is Jewish and has in a series his Bar Mitzvah. At the end of the series, he went to Harvard and become a successful lawyer.    backgrounds    In the US, the series ran very successful in ABC Network 1988-1993.    In Germany, the first squadrons ran on RTL.    RTL 2 then repeated some time later, the first 30 episodes and began in July 1995 with the airing of the complete series (115 episodes) Monday to Friday at 18:30. From episode 60 at 16:40.    Jack Arnold's German voice was in the course of its aging two changed times: From Episode 24 and from follow-70th    Duck Against an Urban Legend hid behind the role of Paul Joshua Pfeiffer not shock rocker Marilyn Manson.    worldwide reputation    Following the success of the world, partly under another name was "The Wonder Years" in many countries broadcast.. Here are some examples:    Denmark: Mine glade 60'ere    Spain: Los años maravillosos    France: Les Années coup de coeur    Poland: Cudowne lata    Portugal: Anos incríveis    Sweden: En tid härlig    Awards    1988 - Grammy    1988, 1989 & 1990 - BMI TV Music Award    1988, 1989 & 1990 - Emmy    1989 - ASCAP Award

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