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The series"Miracle of the animal world" ( Wonder of Animals), released BBC (Discovery) will reveal to the audience the secrets of life of our smaller brothers. How animals survive in the wild, which can not be called gentle. Cruelty, battles for leadership, the ongoing struggle for survival accompany wild animals from birth to death. The host of this documentary Chris Peckem is looking for an answer to the question of what abilities allow wild animals to save lives even in extreme conditions. What natural data contribute to this ability? How exactly do animals use their biological features? Answers to these and other questions the viewer receives in the film. Leading with the help of modern scientific and technological means to study in detail the behavior, anatomy and physiology of predators, herbivores and other species of living beings. Chris Peckem's approach is very unusual: he tries to put himself in the place of this or that animal and understand how exactly the mobilization of the body's resources for survival in extremely difficult conditions occurs. In the course of his research, the presenter comes to the conclusion that a person has something to learn from animals. Mysterious and unknown world of nature will appear before the astonished audience while watching the series.

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