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The actions taking place in the series, will tell the audience an amazing story about how the fate of a powerful wizard, who after many years tired of his life. MAG absolutely tired of all these constant battles with other wizards, not inferior to him in strength. All he wants-a quiet and measured life, without any turmoil. Besides, his fragile soul for quite a long period of time requires the owner only solitude, which is so difficult to find at the present time. But in this regard, the wizard asks one quite logical and reasonable question: what can he do to make these modest dreams come true? And now, carefully considering all the pros and cons, the man comes to a brilliant, in his opinion, the decision – he moves from his hometown to distant Australia. It is here, as he naively believes, all his old dreams will come true and become a reality. However, in an evil irony of fate, all these large-scale plans in an instant crumble, and the reason for this was none other than the opposite of the wizard, who accidentally with him fell into our, human, world. But do not think that because of this will begin any tragedy or drama, because in fact it will be a real Comedy!

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