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8.6 /10
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Netflix works for the implementation of The Witcher as fantasy drama series with the author of the book series of the same name, Andrzej Sapkowski, together. This is involved as a creative consultant in the development. The best known implementation of the literary text comes from the game developers DC project, the three-part action role-playing game series is among the most popular of its genre. (FROM) Due to the fact that the original order of the stories was shuffled, their best moments just don't work. For example, the epic massacre at Cintra makes no impression. It is in the book that we first live the story of Pavelta’s engagement and find out the beautiful Queen Kalante better - their deaths are shocking. Here you absolutely do not care about all these people: the death of unfamiliar and unlikely characters does not cause any sympathy. As for the characters themselves, they are beautiful ... if you follow the principle of "the dead either good or nothing." The scriptwriters killed the heroes, and the actors buried them. Caste justified all fears, and it was not a matter of appearance or color: it was just that most of the performers did not fit into the images. There is no chemistry between them, sometimes they play poorly (the most frequent manifestation of grief in the world of the serial “The Witcher” is to scream loudly and unconvincingly). In the first episode, Moushovur walks around the besieged castle with such a face, as if he idly walks around the feast. Kalante from the local Queen of Thorns turned into a stubborn, stubborn, absolutely short-sighted battle-woman who tumbles into the banquet hall right in the bloodstained armor. Wilgeforts does not particularly resemble the continent’s most powerful sorcerer, Kagyr - the terrible knight who can haunt you in nightmares. It’s better not to say anything about Triss. Eighteen-year-old Freya Allan in the role of Ciri does not pull on a twelve-year-old girl in any way, and the explosions of emotions in her turn out to be somehow wooden. Due to the fact that the runaway princess branch was supposed to stretch out for a whole season, but the source material was not enough, the scriptwriters had to extend her senseless ordeals by any means - sometimes due to plot holes the size of a dragon. As a result, the same arch in the Brokilon Forest is devoid of any meaning, and the heroine’s line looks extremely artificial and strained. Yennifer killed with particular cruelty. Those who do not like the face of Ani Chalotra should remember that Ian was not a puppet beauty in books either - her attractiveness was different. The problem is that Chalotra desperately does not play the role of a fatal woman and begins to play something tolerable only at the very end of the season. Instead of “the cold, piercing, evil, and wise eyes of a hunchback”, she has the look of a sheep; you don’t believe in the scene of her transformation from ugly to seductive, to whose feet the kings fall. And the role she got was ungrateful: Yen is a complex and controversial heroine who, in the original, irritated many, but here it is almost impossible to empathize with her. Character motivation rushes from side to side, like an arrow of a metronome, without transitional stages. Oddly enough, Henry Cavill, who was showered with a hail of ridicule, was less annoying than others. He is trying very hard to become that very Geralt, and at the end of the season you even begin to believe in it. Although at first his strained hoarseness, wild grimaces and attempts to hold on to his face a brutality mask (because of which it seems that he constantly wants to run away when needed) cause only laughter. But who definitely succeeded is Buttercup: the bard-joker came out to be pretty sweet, funny and charming. Unlike background music, which often discord with what is happening on the screen, Buttercup's ballads always sound out of place, and the lyrical “Her Sweet Kiss” turned out to be no worse than the viral “Toss a Coin to your Witcher”.

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