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The British historical series The White Queen is located in the England of the 15th century and tells of the manipulative power play in the Kingdom. Each representative of the powerful factions claimed the crown for himself. The plot of The White Queen begins in 1464th At this time, a relentless war of succession, which is held by the two rival noble houses of York and Lancaster already there for nine years. Edward IV. (Max Irons) represents the white coat of arms of York. Thanks to the active support of his influential cousin Richard Neville (James Frain) he manages to seize power and to be crowned king.    A short time later he meets the enchanting Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson) know from middle-class and falls in love with her. However, a problem that Elizabeth with the Lancaster maintains a friendly relationship and finally by marrying Edward queen. This fact pushes Richard bitterly. He had other plans and sees his own supremacy in danger. Then he heads an intrigue after another in the way to steer the course of events according to their needs and ambitions. At the same time he is thus an unstoppable chain reaction in motion that calls for a precious at the end of all those involved price.    Main characters of The White Queen    Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson) was once married to Sir John Gray, who laid down his life in battle. When she meets Edward, the two eventually fall in love and marriage. Then it becomes the Queen of England, and henceforth in the resentment of Richard. Not least because Elizabeth sympathized with the Lancasters.    Edward IV. (Max Irons) comes from the house of York and is a direct descendant of Edward III. Consequently, he lays claim to the throne of England and thanks to the assistance of his cousin Richard finally crowned king. Later, he married Elizabeth and is consequently caught in the middle of power.    Richard Neville (James Frain), the Earl of Warwick and cousin of Edward. He's a-calculate strategist who understands the game of power in the kingdom. When Edward married Elizabeth, the friendship between him and Richard is put to a severe test, since their paths are threatening to separate due to different settings.    Richard, Duke of Gloucester (Aneurin Barnard) is the son of the Duke of York and the youngest brother of Edward. Although it faces skeptical of marriage to Elizabeth, he is always loyal on behalf of his brother. After all, the result his entire pride from the fact that he is one of the three sons of York.    George, Duke of Clarence (David Oakes) is the son of the Duke of York and brother of Edward and Richard. As for the marriage of Edward and Elizabeth, he beats himself on the side of Warwick and moved with him eventually to war. Especially under this Decision his brother Richard is very disappointed in him.    Background information on The White Queen    The White Queen is based on a three-part series of novels by Philippa Gregory. This consists of the volumes The Queen of the White Rose, The Throne of the Red Queen and The Kingmaker's Daughter. The plot is based on historical facts, but mixing the story well with fictional elements, such as the magical abilities of Elizabeth. The White Queen is a co-production between the BBC and the US pay-TV channel Starz. The premiere took place in Britain on June 16, 2013, BBC One instead. The White Queen was planned as a mini-series and realized. Accordingly, the format includes only one season with a total of ten episodes. However, due to the quota success Starz announced in January 2014 that a sequel is already being planned. This is to be produced again as an independent mini-series and be based mainly on the plot of the novel The White Princess by Philippa Gregory. (MH)

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