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The plot is based on the story of the Queen with the beautiful name Elizabeth. She managed to combine in himself, at first glance, incompatible qualities: she was vulnerable, but at the same time imperious, unattainable, but full of passion. Her position imposed certain obligations on her, but at the same time she had her own personal human feelings. In her life she constantly had to break and to choose one or the other, because of its choice depended not only her life. She was surrounded by plots, murders, showdowns and betrayals, but at the same time could manage the country with wisdom forty years.
Elizabeth was in the tower for a while. This link could break the heroine, but she did not give up and believed that her time would come. And so it happened: after the death of half-sister Mary, the throne was Queen Elizabeth, the rightful heir. Soon she realized the danger she had assumed by becoming the ruler of England. If show its weakness, can be become victim of another conspiracy and in soon be excluded not only throne, but and own life. This lesson Elizabeth learned well, so she was harsh, especially to her enemies.