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South Korean adventure drama Director Kim Byung-soo, Jae scenario Dream-John. Starring Jung Yong-Hwa, Yang Dong-Geun, Lee Jin-UK, Chung Hye-in.When an unworthy person is in power, terrible things begin to happen in the country. This picture tells the story of a small state that was attacked by Manchuria. Chickened out, the Governor chose to save his life and escape. Held hostage by the attackers left his son and daughter-in-law Seohyun. When the young man grew up, he decided to return Home. While living in China, he managed to master a variety of Sciences and arts, the favorite of which was military Affairs. Seeing that things in the home very poor, he set out to rebuild their country and improve the quality of life of residents. Of course, this led to an increase in its popularity among ordinary people, but it became unacceptable for the highest political circles, including the king. After all, the son became more popular than his father, which is unacceptable. The justice and the kindness of the Prince became the reason of national love, what could not boast of the Governor himself. Out of envy, he decided to end his offspring, and wanting to get even with the guy was enough. Among them was his former lover, who passed into the camp of the enemy. To save his life, the young man decided to choose from the soldiers of the most loyal and brave to protect. These included three young men who were willing to give their lives to save the crown Prince.