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Original Title: The Third Eye
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: TV 2
Creators: Kjersti Ugelstad,Ole Marius Araldsen
Description: In the midst of the events of the criminal film series was the main character named Viggo lust. A man can not accept the terrible tragedy-a few years ago, his daughter disappeared without a trace. Being a police detective, he is still making every possible effort to find the missing girl, but so far all his actions have not led to positive result. Nothing but dead ends. There is not even a hint of a gleam in this dark matter – not a single clue or thread leading to the truth. In addition to trying to solve this problem, our hero is forced on duty to solve other cases, catch murderers and other criminals. For example, the mysterious murder of a woman whose corpse was found under the ice of a frozen lake. All the guesswork can't find real evidence. Suspects a lot, because a lot of people are in line for the inheritance of the rich dead, but, nevertheless, on the trail of the offender to go extremely hard, and the timing is running out and can not delay. And all this against the background of depression and stress due to the loss of their own child, which stubborn and loving Viggo still hopes to find one day. Will the detective be able to overcome all the difficulties, solve all the mysteries and save the girl, while doing their hard work…

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