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In 1987, there was a chance meeting, which was crucial for the young inhabitant of California. Charlie was an incredibly impressionable girl. The 18th anniversary was approaching. She knew that there comes a crucial moment of entry into adulthood. It simultaneously delighted prospects and uncertainty scared me. Charlie had no specific plans for his own future. A different situation arose at Bumblebee, who was forced to escape from his pursuers. Transformer, who received serious damage, barely got to a large landfill. He hoped here, among piles of scrap metal, to wait out the danger. the Robot needed help. He could not independently recover, to carry out the necessary repairs. The transformer all the forces wanted to get you up and running. He knew that could bring many benefits to their brethren of Cybertron and the inhabitants of the planet Earth. Charlie at first incredibly surprised at such familiarity. She imbued with sincere sympathy for the robot, was ready to give him all possible help. The girl is not afraid of the prospect to face serious trouble. Bumblebee told her the truth, warning her of the consequences. Charlie threw the last doubt, got to work. Soon buddies managed to track down the military, have specific plans for Bumblebee. Charlie and the robot are forced into an unequal battle.