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The most interesting stories begin with an experiment in which everything went wrong. In the feature film "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," the experiment of the protagonist Henry Jekyll went wrong. Actor Dougray Scott did a tremendous job with the task to reflect Jekle-Hyde. The spectacle is simply mesmerizing. The scientist decided to separate the dark features hidden deep in the subconscious from the human personality. Since the experimental sample is better than he is not found, the dark beginning of the academic is getting out of control and "happy". The gruesome murder of ledenec the blood district. Jekyll offers young lawyer Claire Wheaton to defend him in court, but his story looks very crazy to understand and at the same time so intriguing... Cruelty, passion, madness,? What pushes the dark side of Jekyll, who calls herself Edward Hyde, into a series of murders? What else is hidden in his soul? Will young Claire get rid of a strange client with crazy eyes and an even crazier story? It is possible to justify the monster, because everyone has their own skeletons in the closet?