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Documentary scientific and educational project from the British Director Nicolas Cookey. In the role of the presenter was a talented narrator Michael Mosley. This is a unique and comprehensive project dedicated primarily to the mysterious secrets of our home planet. A curious spectator will witness what is beyond it, whether there are other earthly forms in the vast Universe, how the Earth and living creatures, including people, appeared on it. All these questions are answered by science, which has played a global and super-important role in the study of the inexplicable and unknown. The presenter repeats old and ingenious experiments of famous scientists, starting from ancient alchemists and ending with the legendary Galileo, so as to get as close as possible to the mysteries of space, humanity and the laws of nature, even if it will have to subject yourself to hypnosis. This is a film about how science, which created modern history, influenced the human perception of the world and how it changed our worldview. Thanks to the efforts, perseverance, perseverance, and sometimes sacrifices of scientists, we have a huge storehouse of invaluable and comprehensive knowledge that surrounds us literally everywhere, wherever we appear. Science helps us not to stand still and constantly move forward, learning and studying with the help of various planned and unscheduled research and experiments new amazing phenomena and objects.