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As in the previous series, The Spoils Of Babylon it has the fictitious writer Eric Jonrosh the task of adapting his own work as a miniseries. The Spoils Before Dying is the title that best-seller, which is based in the 1950s and tells primarily a detective story in the style of a film noir.    The plot is actually a with a jazz pianist but is transformed in the course of subsequent episodes in a private investigator. The main reason is a cruel murder and associated investigations that get out of hand pretty quickly. Before it is rock Banyon - the name of the former piano player who now triggers on their own crime - providing he is in the midst of a conspiracy of unimaginable proportions.    But whom can he be trusted in a world where everyone is only out for his own advantage? The further advance the investigation, the deeper sinks rock Banyon in a swamp of lies, intrigue and betrayal. The gloomy juggernaut threatens to devour him completely.    Main characters of The Spoils Before Dying    Eric Jonrosh (Will Ferrell) is a renowned writer who would call themselves also as a wine connoisseur. After he has already filmed his first work as a miniseries, he makes now start to turn The Spoils Before Dying in a comparable format and moreover, shares personal anecdotes regarding the production process with.    Rock Banyon (Michael Kenneth Williams) has established itself as a jazz pianist and a name regularly appeared in the angesagtesten clubs. Meanwhile, he has, however, left the music behind and tried to be a private investigator. A task that led him quickly to its limits and faced with things that he does not want to admit most like themselves.    Background information on The Spoils Before Dying    After the success of The Spoils Before Dying IFC ordered another miniseries of the creative duo Matt Piedmont and Andrew Steele. As a connecting link between the two formats embodied by Will Ferrell character of Eric Jonrosh serves. Moreover emerge numerous well-known actors who have already been shown in the context of exploitation of Babylon, but now slip into other roles, such as Kristen Wiig, Haley Joel Osment, Val Kilmer, Michael Sheen and Steve Tom. New in the round of Spoils saga besides actor Michael Kenneth Williams, among others, Maya Rudolph, Chris Parnell and Emily Ratajkowski. (MH)