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  • Drama
This is another story about the eternal confrontation between people and bloodthirsty vampires. This time the main action takes place around the main character Ella. A fifteen-year-old girl lives an ordinary teenage life, goes to high school, falls in love with guys, goes shopping and hanging out with her best friends. In General, suffers from the same flaws and problems that are inherent to all the girls of her tender adolescence. But she did not know that is actually very much different from other children and not just because of the fact that he sees every night, rather strange and unexplained abnormal dreams. In a short time in her school a mysterious stranger and a new student. A guy named Leo, as it turned out, proved to be the true vampire, which is already six hundred years he walked this earth in search of someone who is able to stop the war between human beings and bloodsuckers. This Savior was Ella, who at the same time learned the real truth about herself and her family. Her father was also a vampire, so the main character is split. Half human and half vampire. The frightened girl does not believe in what is happening, but is forced to take suddenly fallen on her burden of unprecedented responsibility. The main characters have to go through difficult and dangerous trials, at risk to get out of there alive and unharmed. In addition, Leo falls in love with his ward, so he will become a worthy competitor to Omer - the best friend and lover of the split girl.

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