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Original Title: The Sniffer
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Creators: Artem Litvinenko
Language: English
Description: This man many called Sniffer. A nickname he got by chance: the protagonist has an excellent sense of smell that allows him to feel what others feel not. Sniffer can detect by smell than not so long ago people ate without any problems, than trying to kill the smell of cigarettes, which he uses perfume and so actually. But often it happens that Beezer ability helps solve complex problems related to the investigations. The main hero of smell can identify where there was one or the other suspect. It would seem that a similar capacity for the main character - a real katorga.Nyuhachu have to live in a world awash with smells. Every day he has to deal with hundreds and thousands of different flavors, each of which affects the body of the protagonist. In addition, odors repel the character of women, and relationships with loved ones, alas, are not built. Sniffer can not be deceived, because he perfectly feels everything that binds a particular person with certain events. can be called a life difficult, but on the other hand it looks like a really interesting and unusual. The third season of the popular series already on your screen!

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