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Original Title: The Mechanical Universe
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: PBS
Language: English
Description: The main character is not an ordinary man Patrick Jane. Before he tried himself in the role of the medium, and build a bond with the other world. Now he is an incomparable psychologist, who can even mesmerize. Moreover, he is amazingly attentive! His fame spread all over the world and even the police came to him for help. Now he tries to calculate and find a maniac named"Red John", who always leaves his mark at the crime scene, but nobody can find him. The hunt for him, Patrick began after returning from another TV show where it was just about John, he finds his family dead and on the wall was the mark of a maniac. This case forced Patrick to give up show business, and now he works for the security services, he helps in investigations, makes psychological portraits, but his main goal - Red John. Will he be able to catch this maniac, we learn in the TV series the Mentalist online. Information for fans of this series: you can already watch on our website!

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